Creative Short Handle Egg White Separator

Color: Blue
Sale price$12.99


About this item

  • Easy separation of yolk and white, just pour the egg liquid into the separator and tilt the chick shaped separator, the egg white will flow out of the chick's mouth while the yolk stays inside the separator.
  • Easy to use: easily hang the egg separator on one side of the bowl, and break the eggs into the yolk separator to obtain separated egg yolk and egg white.
  • Quick separation of egg white and yolk: Quick separation of egg yolk and egg white helps you easily separate egg white and egg in a short time.
  • Versatility: You can use this egg extractor to make cakes, muffins, meringues, mousses, mayonnaise, and custard. It is very effective and a perfect tool for amateur and professional chefs.
  • Easy to clean: just rinse the egg separator with a tap after use, or soak the egg white separator in warm water for a few seconds.

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