Pet Manual Scraper Lint Cleaner

Color: 001
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About this item

  • 1. New design——the pure copper blade is sharp, rust-free, durable, and easy to remove all kinds of fluff and hairballs. The stainless steel support frame ensures that the shaver will not be deformed or broken during use.
  • 2. Ergonomic design——indestructible wooden wood handle with polished rounded corners, comfortable to grip, not hurting your hands, the shape of the handle conforms to the ergonomic design, easy to hold.Less than 10° suitable for finer surfaces,smaller hair balls,30°~45° suitable for rough surfaces,larger hair balls.
  • 3. Expanding the hair ——removal area-5.12inches wide cutter head, the wide hair removal area saves you time and effort, and easily removes cashmere balls from the cashmere coat without cleaning.If you use this on carpets it does a great job. Pulls out all sorts of stuff and loosens up the dirt. Simply run the vacuum over after you're done. Years of trapped pet and human hair came out. Carpet looks great.
  • 4. Wide range of uses——manual hair remover can easily remove woolen sweaters, wool, double-sided cashmere, wool velvet, fluffy balls,pet hair,etc,leaving no sticky residue, very suitable for cleaning clothes. It was amazing. Within 10 minutes took off about a cup hair and the cat tower looked amazing. It was so fast. Recommend anyone with a pet with hair to get this tool. Use it on the couch all the time and it picks up all this hair you wouldn't think was there. You will are amazed by this to.
  • 5. Convenience —— The portable lint-removing razor is light and portable, and will not take up space when stored. You can use it to scrape the hairballs and fluff on your clothes at any time to make your clothes look new.

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