Rubber Dog Ball

Color: Green
Size: S Diameter 5cm
Sale price$11.99


About this item

  • Safety material: This dog play ball is made of high quality and safe natural rubber material, bite proof, not easy to damage, strong and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and durable, which can make your pet play and bite safer.
  • Protect teeth: This dog toy can help dogs brush their teeth. Your dog will clean the teeth and interdental spaces while playing to prevent the accumulation of plaque and tartar. Massage the gums at the same time to stimulate the chew ability and pleasure of the dog.
  • IQ training: This dog toy ball can easily attract pet's attention, improve intelligence and IQ training and make dog training easier. It can also be used as a toy ball for dogs to play outdoors.
  • Improvement man-made destruction: When your dog is at home, it can feel lonely or irritable. Sometimes it can damage furniture, shoes and socks. The dog toy ball can attract the dog's attention, make the dog happy and reduce the appearance of loneliness and destructive behaviour.
  • Widely used: Suitable for most dog breeds, especially small and medium dogs.This dog toy can be used for dog intelligence training, brushing, chewing, playing and other activities, making you and your dog happier

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